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Noteworthy Shoots

Co-workers of mine thought it was funny to collect images of me doing all random tasks as part of being an SID. No, you won’t find these images here.

But through them, I was exposed to the many moments that make up an #SIDLIFE. And I have been reflecting on that a lot lately, thus my last post An SID Life. Being a Sports Information Director – a title I actually can’t stand as it is old school and so not what we do today in our industry – is not for the faint of heart. I have often reflected on the aspect of our job: the first to arrive, last to leave and the one expected to fix it all. A fitting line of work, one that has blessed me a great deal.

The month of December has been a reminder of the fun part of this job. I get to cover, photograph and work in sporting events that produce the “buzzer beater.” One of the more thrilling moments in sports. The build-up is obvious as the game reaches its climax. But it is still sudden. In an instant one group is in a mass hysteria of victory and dance while the other in a state of shock and sadness.

This month I have had a chance to be a part of not one, but four of these moments. There was the tough loss to on Dec. 5 that saw the winning shot fall short to Boise State. After a win over Southern Utah (photo gallery here) that didn’t go to the buzzer but still saw the opponent make it a one possession game in the final minutes. Next was a senior transfer taking advantage of a new home by hitting the game winner on the road against CSUN on Dec. 10. Then on Dec. 17 came not one, but two games decided at or beyond the buzzer. LMU’s women lost on a clutch three-pointer to UC Riverside and then the LMU men hit 11 straight free throws to force overtime and then win it 91-90 (as blogged in An SID LIFE).

Stefan Jovanovic LMU men's basketball at CSUN at Matadome Dec. 10, 2016 in Northridge, CA

Stefan Jovanovic LMU men’s basketball at CSUN at Matadome Dec. 10, 2016 in Northridge, CA

Then came the latest, a three-pointer with 0.9 left by a senior guard who has been given a second chance. A story that defines college athletics. Brandon Brown, who will talk about his mistakes as a 17-year-old but his determination to learn from it, is not letting a moment go to waste in his senior season. He has been on fire of late, and his game winner is the latest moment in his amazing story (a great article was done by the Loyolan’s Daniel Palladini on Nov. 11, 2015). And he calmly used a screen by that same senior transfer Stefan Jovanovic to drain a three-pointer from NBA-range to defeat CSU 69-66 on the road.

Brandon Brown LMU men's basketball at Colorado State Dec. 19, 2016 Moby Arena

Brandon Brown LMU men’s basketball at Colorado State Dec. 19, 2016 Moby Arena

And I got to shoot it all. Not some of my best images, but a stretch of games that helps me battle through the hard parts of this profession and remind me what a fun ride it is.

An SID Life

Noteworthy Shoots

AN SID LIFE Photo Gallery

Since I entered college more than 24 years ago, I wanted to work in the industry known as Sports Information. It is not for the faint of heart. Last to leave. First to arrive. Days off – when? But it is what I was born to do and I have been blessed to be in a profession that has taken me around the world, allowed me to see some of the greatest sporting events of today and not to mention the people.

However, the holiday season is the most challenging, especially working in the world of NCAA college basketball. You take holiday breaks when you can and they are rarely on the actual day itself. And this year is no different. I squeezed in a trip back home to Colorado before Thanksgiving, celebrating Turkey Day with my Colorado family the day before Thanksgiving (see the gallery THANKFUL FOR HOME), traveling home to Los Angeles on Thanksgiving day for a triple-header that Friday.

And then this past week… During Finals Week I traveled to the Florida Gulf Coast to visit my Florida family, spending some amazing time on the Panama City Beaches. Returned home to Los Angeles on Friday for a doubleheader of hoops that saw a buzzer-beater and an overtime classic. And then back on the road the next day to take on Colorado State on Monday. The benefit, back home for a quickie to deliver presents and a chance to see my home in a blanket of snow. So to recap. Thursday, Dec. 15 on the beaches of Florida and 72 degrees. Friday, Dec. 16 back in Los Angeles for two inches of rain and about 65 degrees. Doubleheader basketball on Saturday. On a plane Sunday to Colorado where it was 7 degrees when we landed. That is an SID life.

Check-out what my lens caught this past week in AN SID LIFE.

Thankful For Home

Noteworthy Shoots

This past Thanksgiving there was enough break between basketball games to take a rare trip home for the holiday. Still had to travel back the day of Thanksgiving, but I got a good five days home. And the front range of Colorado delivered. One brief rain/snow storm did a traditional Colorado pass, arrive in the morning gone by midday. And the result was that perfect blue sky and weather the best anywhere.

I took advantage. Here is what I saw on my trip home: THANKSGIVING GALLERY.


Waneka Lake Dusk Longs Peak Colorado Early Winter Thanksgiving 2016 Fisheye Shore Sunset

Waneka Lake Dusk Longs Peak Colorado Early Winter Thanksgiving 2016 Fisheye Shore Sunset

Hoops Season Begins

Sports Photography

My 17th college basketball season began this November at LMU. Yes, 17. Where did it go. And it started with same energy, the same optimism that any new season brings. It also brought with it the start of an 18-game home schedule. Oh boy, is this one gone be a long one. It started with a trip to Nevada, as I got to sneak out and see the super moon (very cool) and then home for a match-up rarely season at Gersten Pavilion – national power UConn in town. And it was a classic. Check out the start of basketball season HERE.

Mattias Markusson LMU men's basketball vs. UCONN on Nov. 17, 2016

Mattias Markusson LMU men’s basketball vs. UCONN on Nov. 17, 2016

Reno Super Moon

Noteworthy Shoots

Usually the roughly 90 minutes between the time the basketball team arrives to an arena for a road game and the actual tip-off is painfully slow. Nothing to do. Set-up is done in 10 minutes. And we sit and wait. However, with a moon event of a lifetime taking place, it was an opportunity on November 14, 2016.

“This full moon will be not only the closest and brightest supermoon of 2016but also the largest since 1948, Bob Berman, an astronomer at the Slooh Community Observatory, told What’s more, the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until Nov. 25, 2034, according to a statement from NASA.”  —

Playing at the University of Nevada, we arrived at 5:05 for a 7 pm start. Set-up, run tests. Now 5:10. So I grabbed the camera, and found a peak sitting at 4,600 feet. And I waited. At first it looked like I might have to leave. The Super Moon was taking it’s sweet time arriving. Slowly the glow began behind the mountain peaks. Before I knew it, the fullest moon we will see until 2034.

I hope the next one I am not waiting on a game to tipoff.


Back to the Air

Noteworthy Shoots

It has become an annual thing in the fall, heading down south toward San Diego for the MCAS Miramar Air Show. It is known as one of the best – and it keeps us coming back. The weather has been all over the map, primarily hot. This year it was in high 90s. The sky was as blue and as big as ever. The last couple of years I have taken my cameras with the intent to not shoot much as I have shot this a bunch, especially the Blue Angels. But every year they captivate me to the point of rolling of 100s of frames. And they are so fun. Check out this year’s images.

School is in Session

Noteworthy Shoots

The fall sports season and the 2016-17 season at LMU was in full swing in September. There was plenty of action to be had and October is looking to be even better. The first full month proved to be #LIONSTRONG. From a men’s soccer homestand that had last second heroics to a monster comeback by women’s soccer on Friday Under the Lights – featuring two goals in the final eight minutes to win it. There was also the last Saturday of August that saw a top-25 match-up in volleyball between LMU and UCLA. And it wouldn’t be September without LMU and Pepperdine taking to the pool in men’s water polo. All provided great backdrops to capture the moments. Nothing like fall to get the blood moving.

Check-out the latest sport galleries:


Back in Studio

Noteworthy Shoots

It is a special profession to be able to capture student-athletes in action, playing the sport that is a passion for a University they call their own. But it is an entire different experience to capture them in the studio in a portrait setting. We decided to do another campaign and we women’s soccer was the first in the studio. It is an honor to see their personalities come out in “film”, so to speak. Check out the GALLERY HERE.

Estes and the Rockies

Noteworthy Shoots

Since leaving Colorado after college, every trip home has included a trek up to Estes Park. This year’s was even more special as my Mom wanted to go even higher. Fresh with her new senior pass to all national parks (just $10 and its good for the rest of her life, best DEAL EVER!), we headed up Trail Ridge Road. It has been many decades since I have traveled that majestic road. The images my camera caught don’t do it justice. What a wonderful day. Thanks Mom. Check out the full gallery here.

A Hometown Fourth

Noteworthy Shoots

A trip home to the front range of Colorado has become a tradition, and the beautiful state I so love did not disappoint. From a bike ride on the Coal Creek and Rock Creek trails in Lafayette and Broomfield, a visit to the cemetery and an evening of fireworks, July 4 at home was once again a memorable one. Enjoy a little slice of my home in this PHOTO GALLERY.