A Year Behind the Lens

Noteworthy Shoots

The year of 2016 was the year of the camera for me. Those who have known me the longest know Dad threw an old Pentax in my had at around six years of age. So I have had a camera in my hand for quite some time. It put me through school. It defined college and high school. It took a hiatus as my career headed to the world of college bowl games and sunny Miami. But it never left.

The last five years the camera has come back. In a big way and it has become a part of my professional journey, for sure. But it grew to be a part of my every day, defining my adventures. I took more images this past calendar year than any before and as I looked back at what I captured – I have been truly blessed.


From a road trip where the fisheye remained on the dashboard, to thousands of images from the basketball arenas around the country, the camera was at my side. The blue angels never disappoint. Mother nature, truly one of my favorite subjects. The simplicity and peace of the first-ever 14er to the family trek to Miramar.

2016 Miramar Air Show  U.S. Navy Blue Angels

2016 Miramar Air Show U.S. Navy Blue Angels

So many have joined me on this journey with the camera and what a fun ride this year was. I tried to find some of my favorites in MY BEST OF 2016. I am sure I left some out. In fact I know I did… but it is on to 2017. I can’t wait.

Back to the Air

Noteworthy Shoots

It has become an annual thing in the fall, heading down south toward San Diego for the MCAS Miramar Air Show. It is known as one of the best – and it keeps us coming back. The weather has been all over the map, primarily hot. This year it was in high 90s. The sky was as blue and as big as ever. The last couple of years I have taken my cameras with the intent to not shoot much as I have shot this a bunch, especially the Blue Angels. But every year they captivate me to the point of rolling of 100s of frames. And they are so fun. Check out this year’s images.

Back to Miramar

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It has become an annual tradition in the month of October to head down towards San Diego for the annual MCAS Miramar Air Show. We have done it the last several years, and it is an experience of a lifetime. One that has us returning again. The 2016 show will be at the end of September. We will be there. As for viewing through the lens of a camera, it, too, is quite the experience. Including this shot of the Blue Angels doing an inverted flyby at TWO-METERS!! Dude. I am hooked. Here is the PHOTO GALLERY from 2015. Enjoy.

A Birthday Airshow

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October has become to be known for a birthday celebration and for us military aircraft lovers in SoCal, the MIRAMAR AIRSHOW. After the government shutdown forced the two celebrations to delay coming together, October of 2014 they merged. We finally got to celebrate the Libra’s birthday at a place of joy – an airshow.

Add to that the opportunity to rent Nikon’s brand new 400/2.8 lens, and I was in heaven. And here is some of what came from it. Of course, I had the chance to have a co-photographer. Which is always an added joy. Check out the PHOTO GALLERY.