No Words Can Explain

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After 17 years at Loyola Marymount, I began an new adventure with Special Olympics Southern California. Two weeks into my new role, I had the opportunity to shoot my first event. The Spring Regional Games in Santa Clarita Valley. It was followed by the Spring Regionals in Pomona and then the San Diego Regional Games.I am not sure words can properly express what I got to see. The spirit. The joy. The determination. A nine-year old stole my heart. A volunteer was a show-stopper. A bocce athlete was just happy to play. A father-daughter combo brought tears to the eyes.Every one had stories of love, perseverance, determination, inclusion and so much more. The imagery was amazingly overwhelming. The people – no words can explain.

Special Olympic Southern California 2017 San Diego County Spring Region Carlsbad High School May 27, 2107 bocce celebration

Back to the Air

Noteworthy Shoots

It has become an annual thing in the fall, heading down south toward San Diego for the MCAS Miramar Air Show. It is known as one of the best – and it keeps us coming back. The weather has been all over the map, primarily hot. This year it was in high 90s. The sky was as blue and as big as ever. The last couple of years I have taken my cameras with the intent to not shoot much as I have shot this a bunch, especially the Blue Angels. But every year they captivate me to the point of rolling of 100s of frames. And they are so fun. Check out this year’s images.