Growing up a product of four parents (parents divorced and remarried), I was given the opportunity to not only follow my dreams, but to explore them with multiple viewpoints and, forgive the pun, lenses.

From the time I can remember, Dad was pushing my sister and I outside, forcing us to embrace the world around us. We would walk the trail by the rail road tracks to the grocery store, sit in a wind-ripped tent while camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, go on adventures and sit outside amphitheaters to hear his favorite rock bands. Its on these adventures he threw an old Pentax 35mm camera in my hands and let me go.

My backyard - Waneka Lake with the Rocky Mountains and Longs Peak as a backdrop.
My backyard – Waneka Lake with the Rocky Mountains and Longs Peak as a backdrop.

There is mom, whose love has never stopped, no matter the situation. Always asking the hard question, but always ending it with but do what makes you happy. She didn’t miss a football game, a wrestling match, a baseball triple-header, a cross country race or a the brief moments on the basketball court. She would stand in the open lot next to the house swinging around the baseball on a rope so I could get some extra at-bats. Not sure how we both didn’t end up with a black eye and a bloody nose.

Add into the mix a step mother whose professional drive was a challenge to do it better. Look at a project one more time. Read that paper again. Am I looking at the problem the right way, is there another way to approach it? Chase your dreams. Stay true to what you think can be accomplished and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Then there was a step father whose role as a father figure for 31 years continues to shape my daily life even after his passing. He instilled into my core a work ethic that has put me where I am today. In fact, all four of my parents have done that. There are not many who have out worked me in my life, and its all four of my parents I can thank for that. But my step father taught me how to work. How to take pride in my work. He also taught me loyalty and the importance of a family.

Dimes - like this one found in the middle of a hiking trail in the San Bernardino National Forest - have proven to be motivation to keep moving forward.
Dimes – like this one found in the middle of a hiking trail in the San Bernardino National Forest – have proven to be motivation to keep moving forward.

So it is this foundation that I have taken to my life, each step rooted in their love and support. It is why JDMSCreations exists. Each time I step behind a camera, their teachings and those who have touched my life in my journey – my parents, dimes, Colorado at the core, a Virgo Peanut, a garage band rock star, a fighter pilot all-everything, morning runs, and a Dragonfly walking stick – help shape what I see through that little square or a camera or in a design program on the computer, drive me to fulfill my dreams in the world of sports and creative arts.

I have been blessed to experience life – primarily behind a camera – rooted in that foundation.

A senior-level management professional with more than 20 years of progressive experience as a supervisor in marketing and branding, digital/social media, communications and public relations, and consumer development/recruitment in a highly competitive market. Experienced in the latest industry-based mediums, including web development and creative design with a proactive focus in story telling, relationship building, fundraising, corporate relations, and capital campaign development.


Special Olympics Southern California – SOSC (Long Beach, Calif.) 
Media Relations and Social Media Manager

Loyola Marymount University – LMU (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
Associate Athletics Director – External Relations (Marketing/Communications)
Assistant Athletics Director – Communications and Marketing
Director of Athletic Media Relations/Communications

Orange Bowl Committee (Miami, Fla.)
Media Relations Manager


  • JDMS Creations – Freelance Photography/Creative Services (2016 – Present)
  • Golden Coast Conference – Media Director/Photographer (2014 – Present)
  • Washington State Patrol – Media Relations & Community Relations Officer (2018)
  • Western Water Polo Association – Media Director/Photographer (2003 – 2014)
  • Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel – Sports Writer (1996)
  • Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) – Media Relations Assistant (1995)
  • Grand Junction Daily Sentinel – Sports Writer/Photographer (1993 – 1996)
  • The Criterion (CMU Newspaper)– Editor-in-Chief/Sports Editor/Photo Editor (1992 – 1995)
  • Colorado Mesa University – Assistant Director of Sports Information (1992 – 1996)


  • Various Golden Coast Conference Championships (Water Polo)
  • Various West Coast Conference Championships (Basketball, Golf)
  • NCAA Basketball West Regionals (Anaheim, Calif. / Denver, Colo.)
  • NCAA Men’s Golf Championships (Bend, Ore.)
  • NCAA Men’s Water Polo National Championships (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Big 12 Football Media Day (Dallas, Tex.)/Big East Football Media Day (Meadowlands, NJ)
  • World Series (Miami, Fla.) • Super Bowl (Miami, Fla.)
  • NJCAA Junior College World Series (Grand Junction, Colo.)
  • Summer Olympic Games (Atlanta, Ga. – Worked Miami soccer venue)


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  1. John Shaffer

    Took time to see the latest additions to your site. What a rich tapestry! Photos are awesome.
    Thanks for the personal sharing.
    Love, Dad

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