From NCAA Championships to little league ball parks, from buzzer beaters to tears of a final moment, and from a slam dunk to a home run, sports has a beauty all its own. It captures life in a single instant. Take a look what it looks like from behind the lens.


The people we come across in each moment of our daily walk define us. They make us laugh. They make us love. They make us cry. They lift us up. They ask to be carried. It is people that create the people that is life. Take a look.


From the rarity of a blood moon to a full solar eclipse to the simplicity of a blooming flower. Nature provides us a never ending tale of beauty and perseverance. Even in the most unexpected moments, there is beauty all around us.


Life is made up of moments, both big and small. Watching loved ones on a stage, loved ones confessing their love, and events honoring life itself. Through the lens there is a lot to smile at. See for yourself.


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