Campaign: LMU Lions

Heading into my 16th year at LMU, the external relations department for LMU athletics underwent massive change. It began five years earlier in taking a hard look at how we market, how college athletics is changing and what that means for external relations, and examining how we should do business moving forward. Heading into 2016-17, we took the next step at developing an aggressive marketing campaign that faced the challenge of shrinking resources, overloaded work schedules and an oversaturated market. The idea behind the new marketing campaign was go back to the basics, focus on grass-roots marketing with a 21st-century spin (SOCIAL MEDIA!!!), and connect to all fans.


It isn’t a campaign just for the one academic year. It is meant to be one that helps spread a culture of spirit. A culture of pride. Building on the amazing stories the Jesuit University has to tell. Guided by the overall goals and missions of the University, it is about building on LMU’s strength.

Here is the foundation of#LIONSTRONG:
2016-17 LMU Marketing – Overview

With the foundation set, we begun to fully integrate the plan end of Summer 2016. Here is what the plan looked like heading into the 2016-17 academic year:

2016-17 LMU Marketing – Roadmap

2016-17 LMU Marketing – Creative

September was the first full month with the campaign in place. Here is a glance at how the month was implemented:
2016-17 Marketing – #LIONSTRONG SEPTEMBER

A big piece to the campaign was the creative and the images. Here is a look at what some of that creative looked like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, for an inside look at one of the photo shoots I did, here is the first one we shot:
Women’s Soccer

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